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Friday, September 19, 2008

windows vista TCP/IP UAC PATCH

well guys u want patch the open conections in or vista like in xp ??there u goooUnpack the archive and run Patch32.bat (for x86) or Patch64.bat (for x64). Run UndoPatch.bat to uninstall concurrent half-open TCP/IP connection limit patch, and restore the original tcpip.sys, and registry setting.Once installed you can have 70,000 half open connections, these connections are temp connections anyways, you can change the limit to any setting you want, go to run and type in regedit and navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters\]"TcpNumConnections"=dword:00011170and edit this value to whatever amount of connections you need. I have updated my patch so now it will give you the option to install the tcp/ippatch as well as disabling UAC. If you dont want to disable uac after you patchyour max connections just press ctrl C when prompted and press y to terminate.I have supplied uac_admin_on.reg and uac_admin_off.reg to click to easily enable and disable uacfor administrators after you patch your connections.I have supplied uac_user_on.reg and uac_user_off.reg to click and easily enable and disable uac for user accounts after you patch your connections. download

Secretly Add Anyone to your buddy List (working)

After seeing the other thread which didn't seem to do the job I figure i'll post the real exploit which still works and might get patched soon after this being made public by me. Easy enough 1. Goto your Yahoo! Mail Account
2. Make sure your Mail account has Chatting enabled.

3. Add any ID by clicking on Add as marked below

4. Make sure the Add To my Online List is Unticked (very important)

Now When you add the user, he/she won't get any notification that you added them as you are adding them to the web based messenger server and not the real messenger server and therefore because of this when you go online on Messenger this added ID won't show in your Yahoo! Messenger. Note: You can only view them go online/offline through your Mailbox and not Yahoo! Messenger.

fake id joined/left the room trick :thing

* first you must have an invisible ID..* put this >> " &&&&& " in your nickname area to have one.now.input this in chat.. : erz__ joined the roomchange the erz__ into your desired fake ID... : erz__ left the roomif you want to type in chat using your fake ID...input this in chat.: [1m[#800000merz___: your typei fooled a lot of chatters with this trick

How to Add someone to your list without their permission

How to Add someone to your list without their permissionOk, for those who have been on yahoo as long as I have, this is the waywe use to Add someone to our friends list without them knowing.1) Pick an account that you want to Add the person to.2) Create an alias account under that main ID;3) Sign into messenger with the Alias you just made.4) Go back into the account information, and click the delete button to delete the Alias ID HOWEVER DO NOT CONFIRM IT YET.5) Add the user to your friends list in messenger under that new alias account.6) After to have added the user, IMMEDIATELY go and hit the confirm button to delete the alias profile.7) Now the user you just added, will probably deny the request to addthem, however you never get that denial because you have deleted theaccount to which the ADD came from.The user will remain on your friends list for the main account name

how to put fake webcam

1. go to messenger then go to new status message2. type anything u want after u type a word hit space bar3.then hold alt then press 01604.then hold alt agian and press 01605. then click ok then u can see a fake webcam

Changing passwords without knowing the old one

word of caution- this tip hz d ability to b used fr both right n malicious purposes.hope u use it ethically. first in order to view all user accounts even hidden ones.1. Start > Run> cmd2. Within "cmd" type "net users" then hit enterthis will display a list of all user names(not a bad lil command to remember huh)Now you know the username of the account whose password you want to change Now to change the password without knowing the current password1. Log onto the computer with an account that has administrative rights2. Start > Run > cmd3. Within "cmd" enter the command "net user %username% *" where it says %username% enter the username whose password you want to change. If the username has a space in it for example like "John Doe" place "" arount it. So the command for a username with a space in it would be C:\net user "John Doe" *4. It should now ask you to type a new password for the user. Be careful of what you type however as the password as you type it will not be displayed

change Ip Address

follow this steps:*Go to Control Panel. - If you are using Windows XP's Category View, select the Network and Internet Connections category. If you are in Classic View, go to the next step .*Double-click the Network Connections icon*Right-click the Local Area Connection icon and select Properties.*Hilight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the Properties button.*Select "Obtain an IP address automatically"*Select "Obtain DNS server address automatically".*OK your way out.